Final Edit “Honey…Im Home”

Here is our last and final edit of our film noir movie, “Honey…Im Home”.  We were not able to film anymore shots to add in like we wanted to but instead added a voice recording using a Zoom – Handy Recorder H4n and recorded one of our actors (Huw) speaking about how he feels about the other two characters being together. This has helped us as it makes our story line clearer as thats what it was missing before and now people will understand our play in more depth.


Evaluation 6

Here is my Evaluation point 6, i used PowToon to edit this and added my voice speaking on iMovie, this was a fun way of showing how i learnt about technology as it is different from all my other blog posts.

In the video i talk about what i have learnt throughout my planning, filming and evaluating in the technology side of things. I do this because its very important for you to talk about what you have learnt and what you enjoyed during the whole process.

Evaluation 8

I have posted my final cut to YouTube and have shared it with my Facebook friends in order to receive feedback. I have taken screenshots of some of the feedback that I received from people on different forms of social media.

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Most of the feedback was positive with people commenting on the emotions and setting of our movie. This is very encouraging for me to hear all this nice positive feedback as i spent a long time on the movie and to hear people liked it is really nice.On one feedback someone said that the story line wasn’t that clear so next time we were to do this we would work on the story line making sure its clear to the audience. We were aware that people didn’t understand our story line while we were making our first and second edit and thats why we added in the narration of one of the actors talking to make more sense.

Here are a few statistics of my video, it has currently has 308 views and has been viewed in 14 different country’s! This statistics shows people were watching my movie all over the world and that i have received feedback from all over the world, also that i got people with different culture backgrounds and their different point of views.

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Evaluation 7

One of our evaluations points was to make a video about what we had learnt throughout the process of filming and editing, we had to do this through different medias so for this point we chose to make a short film of ourselves taking about it to do this, I edited the whole thing myself and put in the subtitles as you couldn’t hear some of the points we were talking about because of the wind being so strong and the camera person standing too far away. Overall we thought everything went fine and we all have learnt a great deal about the preparation, filming process and editing process for our film.



Evaluation 2

Evaluation 2 was the directors commentary, I took our movie off of  YouTube with KeepVid and downloaded it onto iMovie, from there i recored my voice over the film noir movie as myself being the director and talking about the things that happen in the movie, what was good, why we used certain lights, the establishing shots and spoke about the title and our ident along with warner bros ident. I really enjoyed this task as i could go into more detail talking about my movie and get my emotions across better as you can hear it in my voice rather than reading it from a blog post.


Evaluation 4

My stereotypical target audience would be this person here.

target audince.jpg

This is Ted, Teds about 60 years old, He has a wife and two kids aged 20 and 23 and lives in their family home in California. Ted works as an architect. He is quite wealthy and lives a nice comfortable life. Although ted likes to live in the 21st century with his iPhone 7 + his macbook pro and his voice activated house he was still brought up in the 1950s where he watched black and white TV and didn’t have a cell phone or computer. Ted likes to come home after a long hard day at work and pour himself a glass of red wine and watch a nice film noir movie after he has had dinner with his family. Ted is a perfect target audience for me as i want to make film noir movies for people like Ted.

Ted listens to 1940s swing music as well , even thought it was 10 years before he was born it was what his parents listened too and what he was brought up with. Swing music was used in a lot of Film Noir movies as they liked the idea of using music in all their movies as it was exciting and gave the audience good entertainment.

Typical songs such as “bloomdido” by Charlie Parker, “Subconscious Lee” by Lee Konitz and “Bouncing with Bud” by Bud Powell were also popular in the 1940s when Film Noir movies were out.

Ted would watch our film noir film as he enjoys these types of film and although he uses 21st century technology he still enjoys film noir.